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Action Event Prices

Clients can view photos in Galleries. Images can be printed or digitally downloaded. See the pricing lists and details below for ordering images with graphic backgrounds.

Go to Sessions page to see special order instructions and search by group or client name. 


  • Studio images are photos that are taken in a studio setting. 

  • On-site images are photos that are created in a specified location requested by the individual or organization (i.e. stadium, gym, park, etc.)

  • Graphic backgrounds are digitally made backgrounds that are specifically made for a group/team. 

  • Any studio image pose can be altered and put on a graphic background by completing an order form. 

  • All images are placed in galleries. If a password is requested by the organization, the organizer of the sessions will be given the password once a gallery has been created.

  • Digital downloads are high-resolution images purchased and downloaded directly from the Galleries page. The client is purchasing full rights to the image for printing and sharing purposes without further payment needed for the photographer.

  • Printed images are images ordered using the form below for the individual or organization and then printed by the photographer and delivered to the client. Purchasing prints does not give the client full rights to create copies.

  • Action images are images taken during an event and are edited as needed for the best looking image. 

Event Scheduling & Pricing

The owners/photographers at Dampson Art are teachers and coaches at a high school in their area. Due to this, they are not always able to get to events. If you have an event you would like photographed, fill out the form on the Contact page and include the date(s), times, and details of what we would be photographing. We will respond to the request within 48 hours. 



  • $50/hour for individual 
    photographer follows one person throughout the event

  • $100 for 2.5 hours team​
    photographer photos graphs the entire group throughout the event. This does not guarantee that every member of the group will be captured in a high paced event. The photographers will strive to get a shot of all memebers. 

  • If the photographer is going to an event already, no fee is required unless an individual member is requested to be photographed. 


Have questions or do not see the information needed? Contact us and we will work with you. 

Graphic Background Action Orders

This is a new process that we are opening up to our clients. Normally, graphic backgrounds could only be ordered for studio pictures. But now, if you find a great action shot that you feel can be edited into a graphic background, we can help! 


For example: a football receiver makes a game winning catch and we caught the image. We can take the receiver, making the catch, out of the photo and place the image in a graphic background. 


Set up a consultation, using the Contact page, to get started today. Events that we have attended are already featured in our Gallery. Visit the gallery and scroll until you find the event.


Pricing for Graphic Background Action 

  • $25/ image 
    this cost is for an already existing graphic background from our gallery.

  • $50/image
    this cost is for individuals wanting a custom graphic background. 

  • All images are digital downloads unless special ordered to be printed by Dampson Art. Pricing for prints may be an additional charge.

    Contact us for a consultation and we will work for you! We look forward to creating with you!

Action Images

  • Action images are $.25 per photo, unless purchased in a specific gallery for high end action shots. 

  • These are all digital downloads and can be purchased through the event in Galleries.

  • All profits made from these purchases will go to equipment, travel, and to help student athletes in need.

  • Printed images can be ordered by using the Contact page. Fill out the form with the event and your contact information and we will reach out to you within 48 hours. 

Ordering an Action Digital Image 

  • All digital images can be downloaded directly from the client's gallery on the Galleries page

  • Select the image(s) and add them to your cart. 

  • If you would like a studio image put on a graphic background, follow the steps under "Graphic Background Orders" above.

  • Purchase the images by following the steps in the Pass Gallery.

  • Your images are then ready to be downloaded to your device. 

NOTE: Once a purchase has been made, no refunds or exchanges can be given.

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