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GCGPC Fall Meeting 2022

Please sign in, so the board has a count of everyone present.

Approval of Minutes from Spring 2022 Meeting

Report of Treasurer

Today's Agenda:

1. Meeting called to order

2. Approval of minutes

3. Report of Executive Director

4. Report of Treasurer

5. Old/New Business       
6. Voting from previous proposals
     -change to policies and guidelines
     -critique slot voting

     -change verbiage for recap (w/i30 min. after retreat)
     -HOF verbiage for who can vote and how we vote
      create a committee HOF
     -vote naming of rounds
     -sliding scale for # of shows mandatory
     -bring back sweepstakes and exhibition show
     -raising of judges pay and circuit staff 
     -bring on a live stream to help with crowds
     -update guidelines with grammar and re-organize the
      order of the exact verbiage.  
     -order tablets for judges with service
     -have a committee for social media


7. Election of officers

8. Report from Contest Directors

9. Forum

10. Adjournment

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