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Schools out for Summer!

Another school year has come and gone! and what a year it has been too! As we progress into the future it is amazing to see what is happening in the world around us and the large impact it has on students everyday. Most teachers put their heart and soul into the students that we are given each year. We love them (even when they do not think we do), we prepare for them, and we worry about them from the time we meet them. The summer is a time to heal our hearts because we know that there are many of the students that leave at the end of the year that we will never see again but will always wonder the future for each of them. I hope that all my students are doing well and will have a great summer. If you are graduated, know that I do keep you in my thoughts and would love to hear from you. Post a memory from this school year: parents, students, and teachers. Share that funny or good moment that happened so that we can reflect on the good that has happened and go into this summer with good vibes!

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