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It's our belief that Art can be in many forms: Performed, Visual, Written, and Spoken. In our everyday lives, we explore many different subjects and how they all work together: Photography, Art, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Technology, Music, Design, and much more.  

Dampson Art & Designs is a husband and wife team. Jerad and Tabitha currently work full time as high school Reading/English teachers in Pensacola, Florida. In addition, Jerad is a football coach and Tabitha works with a local Color Guard and Percussion Circuit. Outside of teaching, they have had several gigs that make them a diverse, but well-rounded, pair: building, remodeling, custodial, administrative, event planning, pastoral, photography, videography, painting, and more.  At times you may find their adult daughter, adult son (in-law), and teen son helping with one or more of these gigs. Dampson Art & Designs is family oriented and is always encouraging themselves and others to keep learning new things.  

As the site grows, you will find an assortment of portfolios demonstrating the art and designs created by Dampson Art & Designs. These portfolios will consist of various types of photography, videography, set designs, vinyl banners, paintings, remodel designs, 3D art, and graphic designs. Purchase can be made and available as indicated throughout the site.  


Thank you for taking time to visit. If you would like to contact the Dampsons, visit the contact page. They would love to hear from you. 

Dampson Art


-Behind the Art-

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