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It's my belief that Art can be in many forms: Performed, Visual, Written, and Spoken. In my everyday life, I explore many different subjects and how they can all work together: Photography, Art, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Technology, Music, Design, and much more.  

My name is Tabitha Dampson. I am a coach's wife and mother of two. I have taught in some capacity for the last 20 years in colorguard, in the band world, as an art teacher, or as a reading/language arts teacher/mentor. I currently work full time as a high school teacher in Pensacola, Florida. Outside of school, I continue to work in the performing arts world with the Gulf Coast Guard and Percussion Circuit. I love a challenge and want to help others in everything I do. I am always on the move and finding something to do. No matter where I am at, I am always working with the arts and helping my students become better people and lovers of ALL Art forms. 


For fun, you will usually find me with a camera close by. I am an amateur photographer/videographer and like to bring the joy of everyday life to a single image or in a creative video. My philosophy is to take a photo that does not need editing but captures the moment. Although I try to keep things raw and in the moment, editing is fun and I enjoy  manipulating photos and creating digital creations. ​You will sometimes find me painting, drawing, designing and building prop/stage sets, building and room remodeling, digital designing, and event planning.  


Thank you for taking time to visit. If you would like to contact me, visit the contact page.  



-Behind the Lens-

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