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Group Photo Packages

Packages designed for groups or teams that will not purchase images for every member of the team. 


In Action Prices

Information about Action Shots and how to purchase images from the events.


Individual Photo Packages

Packages that are built from the Group packages or for individuals.


Individual Senior Banners Prices

Information about Senior Banners when a Group Package is not purchased. 

​Terminology Used Throughout Site

  • Studio images are photos that are taken in a studio setting. 

  • On-site images are photos that are created in a specified location requested by the individual or organization (i.e. stadium, gym, park, etc.)

  • Graphic backgrounds are digitally made backgrounds that are specifically made for a group/team. 

  • Any studio image pose can be altered and put on a graphic background by completing an order form. 

  • All images are placed in galleries. If a password is requested by the organization, the organizer of the sessions will be given the password once a gallery has been created

  • Digital downloads are high resolution images purchased and downloaded directly from the "Galleries" page. The client is purchasing full rights to the image for printing and sharing purposes without further payment needed for the photographer

  • Printed images are images ordered using the form below for the individual or organization and then printed by the photographer and delivered to the client. Purchasing prints does not give the client full rights to create copies.

  • Action images are images taken during an event and are edited as needed for the best looking image. 

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