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Individual Senior
Banner Prices

Clients can view photos in Galleries. Images can be printed or digitally downloaded. See the pricing lists and details below for ordering images with graphic backgrounds.

If you would like to order a Senior Banner Session, Contact us for a consultation. 


  • Studio images are photos that are taken in a studio setting. 

  • On-site images are photos that are created in a specified location requested by the individual or organization (i.e. stadium, gym, park, etc.)

  • Graphic backgrounds are digitally made backgrounds that are specifically made for a group/team. 

  • Any studio image pose can be altered and put on a graphic background by completing an order form. 

  • All images are placed in galleries. If a password is requested by the organization, the organizer of the sessions will be given the password once a gallery has been created.

  • Digital downloads are high-resolution images purchased and downloaded directly from the Galleries page. The client is purchasing full rights to the image for printing and sharing purposes without further payment needed for the photographer.

  • Printed images are images ordered using the form below for the individual or organization and then printed by the photographer and delivered to the client. Purchasing prints does not give the client full rights to create copies.

  • Action images are images taken during an event and are edited as needed for the best looking image. 

Banner Printing

We have partnered with an amazing place in Pace, Florida for all our sign and banner needs. They are fast, friendly, and produce a great quality image. The following is the information for Senior Banners. If you are interested in other signs, we highly recommend reaching out to them. You will not be sorry. 

A+ Sign Station


  • Banner material comes on rolls that are  31, 38,  and 54 inches wide.  

  • The printer needs 1 inch of white border on each side of the banner width (this will put a 1" white border around each banner).

When your image is created, it will be best to know the size banner you would like before the process starts. The dimensions of the image may not fit on every size unless editing is done to the image to keep from distortion. 

There are several options to picking up your prints. Check them out and then set up a consultation to get started on your order. 

Graphic Background for Banners

We are asked often to create senior banners with our graphic backgrounds. Graphic backgrounds are usually custom made for a group/team. We know that not all teams want to get team pictures but are looking to get senior banners to hang during the season. We are working diligently to create backgrounds for clients to choose from. We can work with individuals to make a custom background similar to ones seen in the college and professional levels. We will not copy exactly from others but can work from an inspired piece to create something you would like. 


Look at the pricing below and use the contact page to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you and in making something special for your senior.   

Individual Pricing

Pricing will be based on the client's
choice for printing.

Using our Printer


  • Graphic Background, Studio Session with 3 poses, and Printing

    (width x height)

    • 24 inches x 54 inches ........ $100​

    • 31 inches x 48 inches ........ $100

    • 38 inches x 47 inches ........ $105

    • 36 inches x 54 inches ........ $108

             Using Your Own Printer


  • Graphic Background, Studio Session with 3 poses, and Client chooses the printing company (client pays their own printer separate from Dampson Art)

    (width x height)

    • 24 inches x 54 inches ........ $60

    • 31 inches x 48 inches ........ $60

    • 38 inches x 47 inches ........ $65

    • 36 inches x 54 inches ........ $70

Clients will choose their favorite pose out of the 3 taken to put into a Graphic Background. All poses are taken on a solid background and can be purchased as a digital download in the gallery.

Once the full banner is created, Dampson Art will send the banner to A+ Sign Station (our choice) or to the client's printer of choice. 

If using A+ Sign Station, the client has the choice to pick up their banner or Dampson Art can pick up the banner and deliver when the item(s) is ready. 

If using client's choice of printer, it will be the responsibility of the client to pay and pick up their banner when it is complete. 

Dampson Art will work with the Printer of choice to ensure the correct resolution and size of image is created and sent to ensure the best quality product possible.


Contact us today to get started on your order.

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